Friday, December 16, 2005

Final - live supporting The Living Jarboe Nov 7th 2005

Jesu originally was requested by Jarboe to perform at this show but logistically it just could not happen. Final seemed the next obvious choice. This was my first 'show' as Final in 20 years !
The last time Final played live was an extremely confused performance in Birmingham in May 1985, probably in front of 12 people.

This night at the Scala, Kings Cross, London was extremely different to say the least. I performed with just a laptop, manipulating existing songs, most of which were culled from '3', I played even newer forthcoming material too, along with song 3 from '2'. Diarmuid Dalton took care of the out front sound ensuring that it was as loud and full as we could possibly get it.

The Living Jarboe was amazing ; the performance from Jarboe and her band was quite incredible. Jarboe had requested if I could take care of their live sound out front and add dynamics from the mixing desk and generally feel free with their sound.

Photos by Phil Petrocelli ( )