Monday, December 19, 2005

JESU + FINAL - Zoobar, Rome, It, 17th Nov 2005

Jesu played its first full show with Ted Parsons in Rome on 17th Nov, predictably without any decent amount of sleep beforehand, due to early flights. We often wonder what it would be like to play a show with good sleep. I played as Final at this show too, playing the same set as I did at the Jarboe show.

We were not as rehearsed as we would've liked but the show went well all the same. This was the first time we had played 'Walk On Water' live. The rest of the set was 'Your Path To Divinity (extended)', 'Friends Are Evil', 'Tired Of Me' and 'Guardian Angel'. The promoters for this show were from Radio Città Aperta, and we would like to add that they treated us so so well.

Photos from backstage and onstage.