Thursday, April 26, 2007

jesu 'Sundown'/'Sunrise' and 'Conqueror' on Vinyl

The vinyl LP only version of 'Sundown'/'Sunrise' on Aurora Borealis, the songs that are only available elsewhere on the Japanese deluxe double CD edition of 'Conqueror' (Hydra Head have a limited quantity of these in their store, direct link to the item here - Hydra Head Conqueror Import), is released on April 30th '07. This has been on presale less than a week and the first pressing is sold out already, the 2nd and final pressing is in the works and will be presold on the 17th May.

you can purchase here -

Aurora Borealis

Southern Records

from the Southern Records website (the distributor for this release) -

"We have now SOLD OUT of the first pressing of this title. (Limited edition of 900 on grey/clear mix vinyl and 300 on yellow/clear mix.) We are now taking pre-orders for the second pressing (colour yet to be determined) which we expect to be available around 17 May.

Never one to rest on previous innovations, Justin Broadrick has been forging ahead once again, marrying his trademark bass-heavy riffs with an almost Phil Spector-ish pop sensibility creating anthems of melancholic euphoria.

Half buried clean singing collides with speaker rattling low end, blissed out humming resonance and machine beats to create an otherworldly ghost pop, as beautiful as it is unsettling.

The Sundown/Sunrise EP picks up where 2006's Silver EP left off, this time taking two songs and stretching them out over 32 minutes, mixing the bittersweet melody with huge swathes of oceanic drone and minimilist electronica - this is by far the most accomplished and ambitious that Jesu have sounded to date. "

01. Sundown
02. Sunrise
Total Running Time: 32:44

large version of the artwork for 'Sundown'/'Sunrise' by Seldon Hunt

'Conqueror' was released on vinyl through Conspiracy Records whilst jesu toured the U.S previously,
this European edition is 2xLP in gatefold sleeve, with insert. All initial colours (gold, clear) have sold out,
there are still some black vinyl editions available directly from Conspiracy, here's the direct link to the item -

Conspiracy Records