Thursday, March 09, 2006

JESU - Silver EP

The new Jesu EP 'Silver' is to be released on CD by Hydra Head on April 11th '06. Conspiracy Recs. vinyl release date : TBC, this vinyl edition will come in grey and white limited editons besides the standard black. Look out for a Hydra Head mail order special of 'Silver' close to the release.

'Silver' contains four new songs : 'Silver', 'Star', 'Wolves' and 'Dead Eyes' with a total running time of 29 minutes approx. Diarmuid Dalton plays bass on all songs, Ted Parsons plays drums on 'Silver'. Short clips of each song (30 seconds approx.) in mp3 format can be heard at the Jesu site at Avalanche, follow the Jesu link on the right.

Jesu will be touring europe with Final in May '06. Plans for touring the U.S.A are in the process, the band could not establish work permits in time to join Isis on their forthcoming U.S tour, which had been planned.

The 2nd Jesu album is currently in the process of being recorded.