Sunday, January 11, 2009

Avalanche Recs new Digital Download only releases

Avalanche Recordings presents two new and exclusive digital download only LP releases...

First up is KRACKHEAD - 'From Hell'. 'From Hell' compiles every track produced from this JKB (as the pseudonym JK Flesh) project, recorded between 1997 and 1999. Included here remastered are the only two tracks that were ever available from this project - 'Cruise Control' from the 'Lo Fibre Companion' compilation on JKB's short lived Lo Fibre label and 'Phaseday' from the 'Future Noir' compilation. Some of the tracks were intended to be released as an EP on the short lived Spite label from Patric Catani (ec80r, Puppetmastaz, etc) but the label folded before release, the rest were tracks intended for the first full length LP 'From Hell', which at one point was discussed for release through Ipecac just before the project was shelved and became absorbed as an inspiration for the JK Flesh and K Mart (Kevin Martin / The Bug) project Curse Of The Golden Vampire specifically the 'Mass Destruction' Ipecac album. 'From Hell' contains nine songs over approx. 48 mins. To buy and to listen to short mid quality MP3 extracts go to the Avalanche Store here.

The other new release is from COUNCIL ESTATE ELECTRONICS. Council Estate Electronics is a new project from JKB and Diarmuid Dalton, born from vintage analog only synth and fx improvisations. Project began early 2008 inspired by JKB as he was collecting tracks from old Final cassettes culled from 1983-87 for the forthcoming early Final set. JKB and Diarmuid set about recording long improv sessions using only old analog instruments much like Final did around 1983-87. These sessions are then edited and mixed/produced by JKB. Here is the debut release 'Kitsland', four tracks over approx. 51 mins. Reference points include - Throbbing Gristle, Basic Channel and King Tubby. To buy and to listen to short mid quality MP3 extracts go to the Avalanche Store here.