Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Pale Sketcher - Full song download

Full song download available from my forthcoming Pale Sketcher project, this song is from both the forthcoming 'jesu : Pale Sketches Demixed' Album (release - August 2010) and the 'Ghostly By Night' Compilation (available on April 13th), all being released through Ghostly International.

Download 'Plans That Fade (Faded Dub)' 192kbps MP3 from Ghostly Intl here

N.B: I've received some rather concerned messages on Twitter regarding the jesu and Pale Sketcher split ; the split concept is not as polarized as is being assumed, nor is it intended to be. All electronics are NOT being removed from jesu, it is just that new songs will not be 'electronica' oriented / driven, like the 'Why Are We Not Perfect' EP and the jesu / Envy split EP, for example. Songs for jesu LP 3 for Caldo Verde, some of which are still in the writing process, have many layers of keyboards / synthesizers, etc, but the guitar is the 'lead' instrument. Pale Sketcher exists so I can take the jesu 'electronica' sound further, something I've wished to do for some time, the jesu sound will not be as bare as some have imagined due to this 'sound split'.