Thursday, December 09, 2010

Seasonal surprise - New digital singles from JESU and FINAL on Avalanche Recordings

Both digital singles can ONLY, for now, be bought directly here, from the Avalanche Store - BUY
Both releases will be available through iTunes, Amazon, Emusic, etc over the coming days / weeks. iTunes will be fairly immediate, whilst Emusic, most likely, will take longer....


The first digital only single / EP from jesu, with a possibility of very limited vinyl and CD editions in early 2011.
Written, recorded and mixed by Justin K Broadrick alone in Nov / Dec 2010, during the writing and demoing of the forthcoming jesu LP for Caldo Verde. Inspired by the onset of the Christmas period and the emotions and feelings of nostalgia, joy and sadness that the period often evokes.

'Christmas' is then remixed and reinterpreted by two JKB projects - PALE SKETCHER, and a fifteen minute epic remix from FINAL.

01 Christmas (8:45)
02 PALE SKETCHER Remix (5:33)
03 FINAL Remix (14.11)


Digital only single / EP from FINAL. Recorded and mixed by JKB from 2007 - 2010. This EP compiles studio versions of tracks FINAL has played live often around UK & Europe, but never recorded and committed them to a release. This EP displays some of the more melodic based FINAL material from the last few years, that until now, has been unreleased.

01 Gravity (6:26)
02 My Body Is A Dying Machine (5:26)
03 Black Dollars (7:29)
04 A Slight Return (5:32)
05 My Body Is A Dying Machine [Live] (5:58)