Thursday, July 23, 2009

jesu 'Infinity' CD & Digital Download Available now

CD & Digital Download available for purchase now on Avalanche Recordings. Go to the new and almost complete Avalanche Website here and head to the store. Shipping now.

Full album length song 'Infinity' on Avalanche Recordings (AREC017), written, recorded and mixed early 2009, with all instruments by Justin K Broadrick. 'Infinity' is the most expansive and organic jesu release to date, here JKB revisits his roots of heavy guitar driven music yet still retaining the ethereal atomsphere / soundscape of modern jesu. Approximately fifty minutes of music, CD housed in a beautiful 6 panel digi sleeve. First edition of 2000. Vinyl edition of 1300 copies of which the first 400 are on grey vinyl, the remaining 900 on black, all pressed on super heavvyweight 180grm vinyl will be available late August, MP3 / FLAC available now.

Also released today is Final - 'Infinite Guitar 3 / Guitar & Bass Improvisations 3' 2xCD on Avalanche Recordings (AREC018). Double CD limited to 500 copies. The third in the series of 'Infinite Guitar' and 'Guitar & Bass Improvisations', a CD for each of these third volumes put together in one double CD package in 6 panel digi sleeve. By a longshot the best of this series so far, deep highly processed improvisations for the late night somnambulist. For 'Infinite Guitar 3', JKB for the first time in this series, improvised through a loud Marshall stack, processing the recordings after, which results in a wider set of nuances and textures once compared to the previous volumes of 'Infinite Guitar'. 'Guitar & Bass Improvisations 3' featuring Diarmuid Dalton on bass, is again, the most comprehensive of this series to date. MP3 / FLAC to follow.


GREYMACHINE - 'Disconnected' (CD & Double Vinyl) Hydra Head / Daymare
Daymare Japan edition shipping now. Hydra Head issue August 4th.

jesu - 'Opiate Sun' EP. Caldo Verde Records
Worldwide release October 27th. Vinyl version through Aural Exploits

jesu LIVE in the U.K 2009

12 Sep 2009. Cocoon Counter Culture Weekender Fest. at The GRV Project - Edinburgh, Scotland. HEADLINE
18 Sep 2009. The Luminaire, London. HEADLINE SHOW
24 Oct 2009. Damnation Festival at Leeds University. HEADLINE THIRD STAGE
27 Nov 2009. ICA, London with Swervedriver