Monday, December 19, 2005

Pelican - London Scala 20th Dec 2006

Late news - I will be doing both the live sound and taking care of the audio recording for a live DVD to be recorded of Pelican live as part of their latest tour at the London Scala,Kings Cross on Tues 20th Dec.
I will be mixing this Pelican live recording at Avalanche in the new year. This DVD release is planned for spring 2006.

JESU + FINAL - Zoobar, Rome, It, 17th Nov 2005

Jesu played its first full show with Ted Parsons in Rome on 17th Nov, predictably without any decent amount of sleep beforehand, due to early flights. We often wonder what it would be like to play a show with good sleep. I played as Final at this show too, playing the same set as I did at the Jarboe show.

We were not as rehearsed as we would've liked but the show went well all the same. This was the first time we had played 'Walk On Water' live. The rest of the set was 'Your Path To Divinity (extended)', 'Friends Are Evil', 'Tired Of Me' and 'Guardian Angel'. The promoters for this show were from Radio Città Aperta, and we would like to add that they treated us so so well.

Photos from backstage and onstage.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Final - live supporting The Living Jarboe Nov 7th 2005

Jesu originally was requested by Jarboe to perform at this show but logistically it just could not happen. Final seemed the next obvious choice. This was my first 'show' as Final in 20 years !
The last time Final played live was an extremely confused performance in Birmingham in May 1985, probably in front of 12 people.

This night at the Scala, Kings Cross, London was extremely different to say the least. I performed with just a laptop, manipulating existing songs, most of which were culled from '3', I played even newer forthcoming material too, along with song 3 from '2'. Diarmuid Dalton took care of the out front sound ensuring that it was as loud and full as we could possibly get it.

The Living Jarboe was amazing ; the performance from Jarboe and her band was quite incredible. Jarboe had requested if I could take care of their live sound out front and add dynamics from the mixing desk and generally feel free with their sound.

Photos by Phil Petrocelli ( )

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Final - '3' front sleeve

Here is the front sleeve of the long awaited Final - '3'. This 2 x CD set will be released by Neurot Recordings in late Feb 2006, apparently there isn't anything that could delay this release any further !
Nearly 5 years in the making and with over 140 minutes of material, '3' generally focuses upon fractured and submerged melodies some structured some free, the guitar was the basis for around 60% of the music on '3'. The release has 27 pieces mostly quite short in length in comparison to earlier Final works, each CD contains one 15 minute plus piece, both of which were composed with Jesu bassist Diarmuid Dalton, Diarmuid also collaborates on an additional three pieces on the double set. The Final website has one piece from the CD set - 'Little Pictures', in mp3 format available for download, along with an unreleased and exclusive outtake ('Failure') that didn't make '3' but was remixed after '3' was completed, this piece is not available anywhere else, and will not be available anywhere else.