Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jesu Self Titled (Picture Disc Mix - Unreleased Original Vision) available now, digital only.

This is the master that was NOT used for what became the Picture Disc Mix, this was intended to be the master, but was shelved last minute; this master was intentionally sampled at a higher rate, so as to achieve a 'pop' sound / production, unlike the mix to be found on the 'actual' jesu Self Titled, a move which would be an absolute travesty for some! And a move that was decided against at the last minute, so the master was resampled back to the original pitch and sent to be pressed as the Picture Disc. So, this master is unreleased, and available here for the first time, the 'actual' Picture Disc master, will also be available at Bandcamp within 7 days of this post, news of this will be announced ASAP.... The Picture Disc of the Self Titled Jesu album, was remixed entirely for the LTD ED Picture Disc version (1000 copies), released in 2006. An Alternative mix with quite significant differences to the original album mix; the concept was to remix it more 'cleanly', due to the original mix containing a lot of distortion. There are still clicks, etc in this mix though due to the nature of the original recording. Here, the album is now remastered in 2012, since the original Picture Disc master was intentionally mastered flat. The catalyst for this entire remix of the album was the pressing plant who were to cut and press the picture disc - with the original master of the S/T, they claimed the original was to max'ed out and distorted to be cut to an picture disc! I was, at the time, intrigued by the concept of a cleaner, and even 'poppier' mix of this album, anyway, so set about cleaning the the thing up. Hence the re-sampled higher speed version; attempting to go even further with this 'pop' concept. For the record, my personal favourite mix of this album IS the original mix, which is known, universally, as the debut jesu album 'S/T', the mix that made it to CD/Vinyl, etc, etc. Justin K Broadrick. May 2012.